TSE & IR Pack 1

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We've had many requests for the TSE Audio X50 presets and cab impulses that Buster uses in his productions, and we're finally making them available!

Buster uses this for the vast majority of his guitar tones. In this pack you'll find two "basic" patches, one rhythm and one lead. These tones are meant as a starting point, and should be adjusted to suit the guitar, player and mix in question. More than 50% of a tone is in the cab, so try combining both of these packs with our impulses or any of your own choosing.

We've also included two artist tones: Born of Osiris and Humanity's Last Breath. Hear those in action here:

The IR pack contains 18 Impulses Responses (IR), featuring a selection of six cabs from Buster's favourite artists and twelve custom-made cabs from his various productions over the years.

The six artist tones are:

A Night in Texas - “Global Slaughter”

Atlas - "Primitive"

Born of Osiris - “Soul Sphere”

Echopraxia - “Candle Cove”

Humanity's Last Breath - “Detestor”

Oceano - “Ascendants”

IRs can only be opened via an IR loader such as TSE Audio X50 or Kazrog Recabinet.

Download TSE Audio X50 here.