The Nuclear Bass

The Nuclear Bass

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THE NUCLEAR BASS is the third in our trilogy of bass libraries, compatible with full versions of Native Instruments' Kontakt 5.5 and above (not Kontakt Player). 


"The Nuclear Bass has been a lifesaver for writing during Covid! We use it for demoing, and it sounds so great that it’s made it onto some of the final mixes in places too!

Thanks for making a plug-in that’s made our lives easier."

- Jordan Fish | Bring Me The Horizon


This fiery monster uses almost double the samples of its predecessors, achieving stunning realism by triggering numerous samples per note across multiple velocity layers.

Based on the sound of a highly sought after fanned-fret five-string, it combines fat subs with an explosive punch that’ll shake your very atoms.

It’s a down-tuned, dirty bass tone that’ll sure as hell leave its mark on your production.



✅ Powerful UI

✅ Effortlessly heavy tone

✅ Down, up and alt-picking keyswitches

✅ Two distinct velocity layers  

✅ Four mix-ready channels: sub, clean, grit and DI

✅ Additional functionality: 3-speed slides and dead notes

✅ More than 7,800 hand-edited samples

✅ Compatible with full versions of Kontakt 5.5 and above

Product Demos


The DI (Direct In) is an entirely dry and clean bass guitar signal; polished and ready for processing. Run it through plugins or outboard as you would with a real bass guitar, and mix to your heart's content.

The PRO (Processed) harnesses Buster's signature bass guitar sound, with individual dials for Sub, Clean and Grit channels. Take this fully realised bass sound and tweak it to fit your mix, or load it into your songwriting template for effortless tone at the click of a button.


Note Range: low AF (C0 to F3)

7,835 samples: 8x Round Robin per articulation.

Required disk space (unpacked):

- DI: 2.45GB

- PRO: 6.84GB

Kontakt Compatibility

Requires Kontakt v5.5 or later (sold separately).

Please note that the free Kontakt Player offers support in Demo Mode ONLY. This is a restriction of the Player, and not a fault with Impact Studios products.

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