Isolation Bundle

Isolation Bundle

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During the pandemic we took three products that'll help you produce from home and slashed the price from over $150 to $49. 

Feedback from our customers was so positive that it's here to stay!


The Avalanche Bass

A powerful Kontakt instrument, sampled from one of the most sought after basses in modern metal. 

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"Honestly, I haven't heard a better sounding bass midi for rock/metal! I'm simply amazed. No exaggeration. This is way more realistic than anything else I've tried, and I've already tried a few! I'll be coming back to this site for future product launches. I'm so stoked to start using this in my recording!" - Alper M, 5-Star Reviewer

*Requires the full version Kontakt 5.5 or above. Library will load in demo mode if used with the free Kontakt Player, which will time-out after 15 mins. 

Impact Drums 1

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"The tom and snare samples are awesome. Always sound great in a mix & have become my go to samples!" - Patrick H, 5-Star Reviewer

*Requires the full version Kontakt 5.5 - same reason as the Avalanche Bass.

12x Custom IR's taken from our TSE & IR Pack 1

A selection of custom cabinet impulse responses tailored for heavy, down-tuned tones. Ready to use with any WAV-based impulse response loader.

"This shit is large." - Cyric, 5-Star Reviewer