Odeholm Audio (formerly Impact Studios) was founded by Swedish metal producer Buster Odeholm.

We're a full service metal production studio who can take care of everything from co-writing and production through to the final master. 

We are passionate about innovation, and as such our store offers a range of Kontakt Libraries, IR's and presets to allow bands, instrumentalists and other producers access to cutting edge sounds from the comfort of their DAW.

Production Team

Buster Odeholm

Buster is a producer, mix/master engineer and multi-instrumentalist.

He's mixed some of the most respected bands in metal, including Born Of Osiris, Hacktivist, Sworn In and many more. He's also the drummer/producer of Swedish prog-metal band Vildhjarta, and the guitarist/producer/songwriter for Humanity's Last Breath.

Buster is endorsed by 64 Audio, Hapas Guitars, LB Drums, Jim Dunlop Picks, Fortin Amplification and Neural DSP, and has been featured on Nail The Mix.

James Carey

James is a producer, sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist.

He's worked with artists across genres that range from Allt and Dead By April, to RiFF RAFF and Bizzy Bone. James handles the synth/post-production for many of the bands that work with Buster and also manages the Odeholm Audio store.