Take your mixes to the next level.
We offer a range of mastering services to suit your needs. 

Digital Mastering

Digital mastering is performed entirely "in the box".  

Buster will master your tracks using his collection of high quality plugins in order to attenuate unwanted qualities of the mix, whilst adding depth, clarity and increasing the volume to a competitive level so that your music is as impactful as the other artists you share playlists with.

Analog Mastering

Analog mastering is performed using hardware processing units.

Analog gear is often thought of as having a notably different character to digital plugins. Whilst this isn't true of all digital emulations, the non-linearities and harmonic distortion introduced by Buster's collection of SSL and Neve hardware provide a more "classic" sound that some artists prefer the digital alternative.

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering allows for greater flexibility and attention to detail.

Instead of sending us WAVs of your final mixes, you send us WAVs of the instrumental groups (vocals, lead guitars, rhythm guitars etc).
Whilst this doesn't offer the same level of control as our re-amp/mix/master bundle, it does give Buster the ability to adjust some of the internal levels and process the instruments individually. This is particularly useful if you're not 100% happy with the mix and want to see a more significant change than you would from a traditional stereo master.