Post-production is provided by James Carey, who will add additional musical elements to your songs to give them a unique character and larger-than-life sound.

Post-Production can include:

 - Synths & electronics
- Orchestration
- FX (impacts, risers, reverse snares etc)
- Atmospheric sound design
- Additional percussion
- Additional vocals
- Additional guitars

We can also assist with hook-writing and vocal arrangements.

Check out some of James' work:

Allt - Rupture 

Synths, FX, Sound Design, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Allt -

Synths, FX, Sound Design, Drums, BV's, Guitar Solo

Dead By April - 
Replace You 

Piano Production & Engineering

Atlas -

Synths, FX, Sound Design

Beyond Awareness - 

Hook Writing, Synths, FX, Sound Design, Backing Vocals

Torments - 
Our Demise 

Synths, Orchestration, FX, Sound Design

The Dark Alamorte - 

Orchestration, Synths, FX, Sound Design